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Why Should I Get My PhD in Healthcare Administration in Texas?

Because of its large size and diverse population, Texas has had to adapt considerably to meet federal healthcare standards while still meeting the expectations of its residents. Perhaps you've worked in the healthcare industry as a care provider, and you know that your experience could help you in an administrative career. Otherwise, you may come from a business background, which could assist in a transition to the health industry.

Ready to take your education further? If you're interested in earning a PhD in health administration, Texas schools listed below can help you get started.

Ready to take your education further? If you're interested in earning a PhD in health administration, Texas schools listed below can help you get started.

Earning a PhD health administration Texas may put you in line for job openings in administration, legislation, research, or teaching. You may even be able to oversee projects that are of personal importance to you. Across the state, Texas health administrators are working on new programs for women's health in response to recent legislation (My San Antonio, 2016).

With a doctoral degree, you could do a lot to tackle challenging questions in Texas healthcare. Although Texas has increased its spending on mental healthcare each year, the patient wait list consistently grows each year (Texas Tribune, 2016). To make sure that patients get the care they need, executives and legislators must quickly develop solutions.

Are There Online PhD Programs in Healthcare Administration in Texas?

Health administration is a unique field of study, due to its merging of two very different fields: healthcare and business. In the process of earning your doctoral degree, your program should help you develop strong leadership skills, give you an extensive knowledge of healthcare delivery and systems, and provide insight into cost and quality in medical care.

Whether you have a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree, you may be able to find a healthcare management program in Texas that is a good fit for you. Beyond the Bachelor's degree level, you need to earn approximately 80 credits to finish a doctoral program. This includes 12 to 18 credits for a dissertation.

In your HCA curriculum, you may find core theory courses like:

  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Quality Management and Improvement in Healthcare
  • Health Policy Analysis
  • Health Policy in the US
  • Healthcare Management and Policy Research
  • Healthcare Payment Systems and Policy
  • Advanced Organization and Management Theory
  • Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Comparative Healthcare Systems and Policy
  • Through your classroom work, any required internship courses, and your dissertation, you should grow into a capable, confident healthcare executive. You can measure your progress by looking into your program's learning outcomes. Upon reaching graduation, you should be able to analyze and carry out managerial functions in healthcare, critically analyze healthcare costs and expenses, assess organizational performance, develop strategies for organizational improvement, and efficiently lead diverse groups of healthcare professionals.

    What Kind of PhD in Health Administration Jobs Can I Find in Texas?

    The job openings you pursue may take you into a variety of settings, including legislative organizations, healthcare management teams, colleges and universities, and research centers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Texas medical services managers earn an average of $104,740 per year, while clinical research coordinators have an average salary of $78,060 per year (2016). Job growth predictions are promising in Texas; O*Net anticipates a 30% increase in medical management jobs and an 18% increase in clinical research coordination jobs through 2022 (2016).

    To break into the field of healthcare management, you may find it necessary to network with current leaders and executives in the industry. Look into networking events hosted by groups like the Texas Association for Healthcare Financial Administration and the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management.

    With a PhD healthcare management in Texas, you may heavily influence the future of medical care in your community. Get more information now by getting in touch with programs listed below.

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Texas A&M Health Science Center (College Station, TX)
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Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services Research (Ph.D)
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (Houston, TX)
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Doctor of Public Health
University of Phoenix (Dallas, TX / Houston, TX)
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Doctor of Health Administration (online)

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